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   You DO have the new UNICOM frequency, don't you?

PXE announced a UNICOM frequency change from 122.70 to 122.725 on July 30th.  The new frequency will alleviate the transmission crowding we have experienced over the last few years. 


All hangar contracts must be renewed during September, with the inclusion of a current copy of your logbook entry showing the hangared aircraft as airworthy. These two items are mandatory for every leased hangar, open or closed.  As of October 1, a 10% penalty will be charged for any hangar not in compliance.  Please help us to have all hangars compliant by that date, and save your 10 %.

The monthly  Board Meeting for the Perry-Houston County Airport Authority has been changed from Monday, October 7, to Monday, October 14. The time of the meeting will be 4:00PM in the conference room at the airport. Public is invited to attend.
Hangar Inspection
Hangars continue to be inspected during October.  Minimum standards will apply.  Applicable sections from the minimum standards, lease agreements and FAA articles are printed below;  the complete minimum standards are available at the Perry-Houston County Airport.

Various sections that apply:
To the extent necessary to protect the interests of the Authority, or to investigate compliance with these minimum standards or leases, the Airport Manager may conduct inspections to assure all aircraft, structures, premises, facilities, and improvements on the Airport are in compliance with these standards.
Each lessee of land and facilities on the airport shall keep his/her leased area and facilities neatly trimmed, clean, freshly painted where appropriate, free from hazards to life, limb or property; free from junk and debris, and as aesthetically pleasing as feasible.  Additionally, in accordance with FAA Airport Utilization Policy and lease agreements lessee shall use the Premises to hangar airworthy or operational aircraft, along with any necessary aircraft ground handling equipment and tools associated to support such aircraft, owned by or exclusively leased to Tenant and authorized for storage in the Premises based at the Perry-Houston County Airport.  No dangerous or hazardous materials shall be kept on the premises, except in compliance with the City of Perry fire code.  The parties agree that if there is a dispute in this regard, Landlord shall have the absolute right to decide and to aapprove or disapprove any use by Tenant or subtenants.
FAA 14 CFR Chapter 1 Paragraph 1 states:  Aeronautical Uses for Hangars Include:
Aeronautical facilities must be used or be available for use for:  1.  Storage of active aircraft.  2.  Final assembly of aircraft under construction.  3.  Non-commercial construction of amateur-built or kit-built aircraft.  4.  Maintenance, repair, or refurbishment of aircraft, but not the indefinite storage of non-operational aircraft.  5.  Storage of aircraft handling equipment, e.g., towbars, glider tow equipment, workbenches, and tools and materials used in the servicing, maintenance, repair or outfitting of aircraft.
VACANCY:  During the term of this lease, if Tenant is not utilizing said Hangar for sheltering an airworthy aircraft owned or lease by Tenant for an aggregate  period of six months or more out of twelve months, then, at the option of Landlord, Landlord my terminate said lease agreement with 30 days prior written notice to Tenant.
C.  Tenant shall not place or store anything within the Premises that constitutes a fire or safety hazard or that violates federal, state or local codes or that precludes the Authority’s ability to inspect the Premises.
A.  Tenant shall be responsible for keeping the Premises in a neat and orderly fashion.  Accumulation of rubbish, trash, rags, cans, grease and food items in or about the hangars is prohibited.  Tenant shall keep the hangar clean at all times.  The Premises shall be subject to inspection by the Landlord and if found to be a fire or accident hazard or otherwise not to be in a neat and orderly condition, Tenant shall be so informed in writing and Tenant shall, within three days of this notice, clean the Premises to Landlord’s satisfaction.
C.  All items (other than airworthy aircraft) permitted to be stored within the Premises shall be stored in appropriate containers, stacked or placed in cabinets, and maintained in a neat and orderly manner.  Items shall not be scattered throughout the Premises or stacked excessively high.  If the Authority determines that any items are stored in a manner inconsistent with this Section, the Tenant shall be so informed and Tenant shall, within three business days of this notice, either remove ore appropriately store all such items.
USE OF PREMISES:  Tenant agrees that the primary purpose and  use of the Premises shall be to hangar Tenant’s airworthy aircraft as authorized herein and that the Premises shall not be occupied or used by Tenant, whether temporarily or permanently, as office space, as non-commercial residence, or for storage of items other than as permitted herein.

1st - National Coffee Day
4th - National Golf Day
8th - Yom Kippur
9th - Fire Prevention Day
12th - National Gumbo Day
14th - National Dessert Day
16th - Bosses Day
21st - National Pumpkin Cheesecake Day
25th - National Pasta Day
27th - Mother-in-Law Day
31st - Halloween




  1. How many people are in the air right now in this country?
  2. Playboy founder Hugh Hefner called his personal jet the “Big Bunny”.What type of aircraft was it?
  3. Name the American, 4-seat, single-engine, high-wing aircraft, with over 44,000 built, that is the most produced of any aircraft in the history of the world.  What was the price (in 1956)?
  4. What was the first aircraft to hold concurrent records for speed, altitude, and time to altitude?
  5. A popular 1980s television show featured a ‘stealth’ helicopter with almost unbelievable features and performance.What was the name of the show (and helicopter)?

ANSWERS ARE ON OUR WEBSITE:  www.pxeairport.com/quiz

Perry-Houston Country Airport is a public-use airport located four miles northwest of Perry, GA. Field elevation is 418 feet. The airport was activated in May of 1947. KPXE (The ICAO Identifier) is open to the public and has no control tower. The airport is under Atlanta Center's  Air Route Traffic Control Center. KPXE has a single runway aligned 18/36 that is 4,999 feet long and 100 ft wide. The high-intensity lighting, including the MALSRs are pilot controlled on
122.725, the CTAF/UNICOM frequency. LPV, ILS, VOR and LOC approaches are utilized. The Airport Manager, Jim Marquardt, can be reached at 478-988-3699. Normal hours of operation are 0800-2000 and self-serve AvGas (100LL) is available 24/7. Call out service is also available. 
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