JULY 2019

Follow the latest news from the Perry-Houston County Airport. 

Perry Air will hold an air camp at PXE July 22 - July 24.  The camp will accommodate twenty 8 - 12 year-olds, beginning each day with breakfast in the open hangar with Perry Air staff.  During the 3-day period, the campers will experience activities, crafts, aircraft simulator time, hand-on learning and a discovery flight with a certified flight instructor.  Contact Alex Zoltak at Perry Air for details.

The monthly meeting of the Perry-Houston County Airport Authority is scheduled for July 8, 2019 at 4.pm. at the Perry-Houston County Airport terminal.  The public is invited.

A Thrush 710P stopped by for fuel last month, and we had to take a closer look.  This turbine-powered Thrush is a Georgia State Forestry aircraft, with 800 HP and a capacity for five hundred gallons of water or fire retardant  Built in Albany, Georgia, the Thrush has dealers in South America, Africa and Australia. 

In case you haven't noticed, Perry Houston County Airport is staffed 12 hours per day, seven days per week.  Opening in the morning at our usual 0800, we are now serving customers until 2000 (8:00 PM) each evening during the summer season.  
Ever contemplated a cross-continent flight?  One of our PXE family, Keith Sremaniak did just that in June.  The pics and text below document his flight.  We thought it would be highly interesting for our readers.
Just flew my 7A back from CA (KCCB) home to GA (KPXE). Over 1800 miles. Departed Saturday morning at 6:30 with hi cirrus clouds. The SoCal mountains are still snow capped.
Relatively smooth at 7500’. Light Turbulence started just east of Lake Havasu. It increased to moderate turbulence over Prescott. Slowed down & Tightend up the safety belt. First stop for gas at St Johns AZ (KSJN). BIG windshear @ 100’ agl, confirmed by a 210 pilot that arrived just before me. Landed ok. St Johns is a nice stop but in the middle of nowhere. Gas & go. 
Back into turbulence which had become heavy moderate. Rocked & rolled all the way past NM and landed at Hereford TX (KHRX). 
Note the windsock. Nice crosswind of 260 @ 25, gust to 35. Landed on 20. Not pretty at all. Experienced large side forces on the mains. Glad the tires didn’t separate from the wheels. Spent the night at the local Best Western as the turbulence to get there was very tiring. Tornado line had developed west of Hereford and thunderstorms were east that afternoon & evening.
Morning skies were clear and winds were calm at daybreak. 
With storms lined up out of LA & up thru Miss, I decided to divert to Austin TX (KEDC). Flew an hour & half south and Austin was clouded over. Landed at Lampasas TX (KLZZ). And hung out for 2 hours. Austin opened up and I continued on and did a long straight in to 13 with calm winds. A welcome relief from the winds at the prior airports. 
My sister lives in Austin and she was there to see me land and take these pix. 
Note the GIANT planeport where they unload you protected from the rains that occur here frequently. They use a tug to move the plane to transient parking. The lineman are very helpful and assist with anything u need. They helped me put my cover on.
Austin is BBQ territory so took my sister to one of our favorites, Coopers Downtown. Beat the crowd. This pix taken when we left - 20 people in line with 20 more outside the door. Definitely worth any wait. Yumm. 
Monday morning was very overcast and big winds were forecasted to start at 1:00, the same time when the clouds were supposed to clear. That didn’t happen. Big holes did stream over at 1:30 so I departed at 2:00. Escaped up to 7,500 and found the ride amazingly smooth. Had a 45kt quartering tailwind that pushed me forward an additional 27 kts. 
Flew east at 150 TAS (2420 rpm & 20” at 7.1 gph). Next fuel stop was Vicksburg Miss (KVKS). The flooding of the Miss River was evident as I flew over. Topped off with 18 gal and 27 minutes wheels down to wheels up. Last leg to get home. 90 degrees at liftoff so I went up to 9,500’ where the temp was 57. 
With night approaching I decided to get Flite Following for added safety. ATC later advised that the Restricted areas east of Columbus GA had been released and I could maintain course staying above 8,500’. Took a couple of pix of the sunset to the rear.
Near home port, I Clicked the CTAF and got the lights on. Touched down at 8:30, coincident with the official sunset. Dead calm and made a perfect squeaker landing. Good to know I can still do them. Another awesome trip (7th cross country in 2 years) in my RV, BUILT IN MY GARAGE!! 
The satisfaction & Grin just keeps happening. 

1,846 miles per ForeFlight
99.0 gallons of gas. 18.6 kt/ per gallon. $459.39 @ 5 stops. Avg $4.64 per gallon. 
3 days flying. 14.2 Hobbs, 12.6 Tach. Avg speed based on Hobbs 130 kts per hour. 
1 Qt of oil. 
1 hotel nite. 
1 nite with Family 
1 dinner. 
10.0 on RV FUN meter

Keith Sremaniak


1st—Canada Day
4th—Independence Day
5th—National Bikini Day
6th—National Fried Chicken Day
7th—Chocolate Day
11th—National Blueberry Muffin Day
13th—Barbershop Music Appreciation Day
14th—National Nude Day
15th—Cow Appreciation Day
           Go out and give your cow a hug
16th—World Snake Day
            Go out and give your snake a hug  (just kidding)
20th—Moon Day (we're talking astronomical, not anatomical)
24th—Amelia Earhart Day
28th— Parent's Day
30th—National Cheesecake Day
           Father-in-Law Day

1.  Louisville International Airport (SDF) has a new name, honoring a home-town celebrity.  What is the new name?
2,  When was the Perry-Houston County Airport terminal built?
3.  What is the largest airport (in area) in the U.S.?
4.  In 1987 American Airlines removed one olive from each salad served in first class.  How much money did they save by doing this?
5. A Boeing 747 uses approximately 1 gallon of fuel (about 4 liters) every second.  Over the course of a 10-hour flight, it might burn 36,000 gallons (150,00 liters).  How does this compare in "cost per mile per person" to your pick-up truck?

ANSWERS ARE ON OUR WEBSITE:  www.pxeairport.com/quiz


Perry-Houston Country Airport is a public-use airport located four miles northwest of Perry, GA. Field elevation is 418 feet. The airport was activated in May of 1947. KPXE (The ICAO Identifier) is open to the public and has no control tower. The airport is under Atlanta Center's  Air Route Traffic Control Center. KPXE has a single runway aligned 18/36 that is 4,999 feet long and 100 ft wide. The high-intensity lighting, including the MALSRs are pilot controlled on 122.70, the CTAF/UNICOM frequency. LPV, ILS, VOR and LOC approaches are utilized. The Airport Manager, Jim Marquardt, can be reached at 478-988-3699. Normal hours of operation are 0800-2000 and self-serve AvGas (100LL) is available 24/7. Call out service is also available. 
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