Fuel truck in Perry, GA

Aviation Services

Perry-Houston County Airport (PXE/KPXE) is ready to service general aviation needs, including aviation fuel, maintenance, and pilot services, all on site in Perry, Georgia.

Fuel Availability

Perry-Houston County Airport operating hours are from 0800-1800 (8 a.m. to 6 p.m.), daily - (478) 987-3713. AVGAS/Jet-A fuel is provided by truck during operating hours or by appointment; 100LL fuel is available self-serve 24 hours per day with credit card. For service after hours, call (478) 988-3699.


Having a top-notch aircraft is the highest priority for anyone who takes to the air. Whether you’re in need of normal maintenance or emergency repair our maintenance partners can provide reliable service at a fair price.

  • A&P – AeroFlight Services provides general aircraft maintenance and inspection - (478) 987-1710.
  • Tailwind Aviation Solutions - Brian Ellingham (478)733-6695 - brian.ellingham@yahoo.com

Flight Training/
Aircraft Rentals

  • Perry Air LLC
  • Flight Training
  • Flight Reviews
  • Discovery Flights
  • Aircraft Rental
  • (478) 284-0880


Courtesy vehicles
are available at the airport.

Car rental is also available nearby from Enterprise:

1307 Ball Street, Ste. 200
Perry, GA 31069
(478) 988-4008

Other Services

  • Hangar leasing / sales (PDF | Online)
  • Passenger terminal and pilot lounge
  • Meeting room (capacity 20)
  • WiFi
  • Flight planning desk
  • Restrooms