Fuel truck in Perry, GA

Aviation Services

Perry-Houston County Airport (PXE) is ready to service general aviation needs, including fuel, maintenance, and pilot services, on site in Perry, Georgia.

Fuel Availability

Perry-Houston County Airport hours are from 0800-1800 (8 a.m. to 6 p.m.), daily - (478) 987-3713. AVGAS/Jet-A provided by truck during operating hours or by appointment; 100LL fuel is available self-serve 24 hours per day with credit card. For service after hours, call (478) 988-3699.


  • A&P – AeroFlight Services provides general aircraft maintenance and inspection - (478) 987-1710.
  • Avionics Maintenance – D&D Avionics, Inc. – contact Daniel Smith at [email protected]
  • Tailwind Aviation Solutions - Brian Ellingham (478)733-6695 - [email protected]
Jet fuel station in Perry, GA

Flight Training/ Aircraft Rentals

  • Perry Air LLC
    Flight Training
    Flight Reviews
    Discovery Flights
    Aircraft Rental
    (478) 284-0880


Courtesy vehicles
are available at the airport.

Car rental is also available nearby from Enterprise:

1307 Ball Street, Ste. 200
Perry, GA 31069
(478) 988-4008

Other Services

  • Hangar leasing / sales (PDF | Online)
  • Passenger terminal and pilot lounge
  • Meeting room (capacity 20)
  • WiFi
  • Flight planning desk
  • Restrooms