APRIL 2020

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As this is being written at the end of March, we, as all of you, are watching and waiting to see what April will bring.  Seems like there is no other news except for the ongoing stats on the Coronavirus in the world, the U.S. and Georgia.  The airport staff is doing whatever is possible to keep the terminal free of any bugs and if we don't shake hands when you come in, please understand.

The monthly meeting of the Perry-Houston County Airport Authority is scheduled for Monday,April 6, at 4 pm at the Perry-Houston County Airport terminal.  This meeting will be held online and if you wish to observe, the information to connect with the stream will be sent to the recipients of the newsletter via email.  The link to observe will also be posted on our airport website,

Running your engine while your aircraft is within the hangar environment, heading north or south, deposits grit and loose debris into the hangar tracks and into the hangars.  PLEASE cut your engine while headed east or west and help yourself and your neighbors in the hangar area.  Debris accumulating in the door tracks causes water flow during heavy rains to divert into the hangars.  Dirt and debris also blow under the hangar doors, causing aircraft owner ire.  Be a "good neighbor", to borrow a slogan, and cut, not reduce, your engine RPM before turning your aircraft north/south.


Signature Utilities, using three Hughes helicopters during a two-week period, cut and trimmed Georgia Power lines in the middle Georgia area.  The 50-foot multiple blade platforms were mounted under the 'copters and trimmed the edges of the power line right-of-ways.  I would assume the pilots have to be a....."cut above" the average??
Perry Air LLC Postponing Training Flights
Perry Air, our local Flight School at Perry-Houston County Airport fell victim to the "separation" mandate for Georgia and Houston County.  A six-foot minimum separation, being impossible in a Cessna 172, caused Alex Zoltak, owner of Perry Air, to cease instruction for the duration of the Covid-19 problem.  Aircraft, however, are available for rental during this time.  Call Perry Air at : (478) 284-0880 for more information.

Day 1 - April Fool's Day
Day 3 - World Party Day (Forget that one this month)
Day 5 - Palm Sunday 
Day 8 - Passover
Day 10 - Good Friday and National Golfer's Day
Day 11 - Barbershop Quartet Day
Day 12 - Easter Sunday
Day 16 - National Stress Awareness Day
Day 18 - Husband Appreciation Day
Day 20 - Volunteer Appreciation Day  (YES!!!)
Day 24 - Arbor Day
Day 30 - Hairstyle Appreciation Day and Honesty Day
               (Not sure those two should go together)


We at the Perry-Houston County Airport are doing what we can to mitigate the CoronaVirus possibility at the airport.  Sanitizing the countertops and surfaces that might be touched during the normal activities of the day is being done multiple times per day.  We also encourage anyone not feeling well to postpone visiting the airport.  Pilots already know that "flying" and "not feeling well" are two conditions that are not compatible.  Be cautious during this trying time and help yourself and others by following the 'separation' conditions stipulated by Federal and State agencies.

                                            World War II Remembered

1.    Question:  During WW II the Army had two (2) very important pieces of equipment labeled “The P-38”  What were they?

2.    Question: Which WWII fighter claimed the most enemy aircraft shot down in the Pacific Theater of Operation? 

3.    Question: What World War II Army Air Corp aircraft, which was never designed to be a fighter, shot down 3,785 enemy aircraft in air to air dog fights.

4.    Question: What was the fastest WW II propeller airplane to see combat service in WWII ?

5.    Question:  Kelly Johnson, a member of the Lockheed “Skunk Works”, designed the U-2, the SR-71, and the Lockheed Constellation among his accomplishments.  What other two aircraft, one of which the German Luftwaffe nicknamed “the fork-tailed devil”, and the other which broke both the current (at that time) speed and altitude records did he design?

Answers on our website:

Perry-Houston Country Airport is a public-use airport located four miles northwest of Perry, GA. Field elevation is 418 feet. The airport was activated in May of 1947. KPXE (The ICAO Identifier) is open to the public and has no permanent control tower. The airport is under Atlanta Center's  Air Route Traffic Control Center. KPXE has a single runway aligned 18/36 that is 4,999 feet long and 100 ft wide. The high-intensity lighting, including the MALSRs are pilot controlled on 122.725, the CTAF/UNICOM frequency. LPV, ILS, VOR and LOC approaches are utilized. The Airport Manager, Jim Marquardt, can be reached at 478-988-3699. Normal hours of operation are 0800-1800 and self-serve AvGas (100LL) is available 24/7. Call out service is also available. 
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