Opened in July, 1942, the airport was used as an auxiliary training facility for Army pilots.  After WW2 ended, the City of Perry obtained the field and developed it into a municipal airport, opening in May of 1947.  The present terminal building was completed in July, 1999, and the runway was extended to 5000’.  The terminal has ample facilities for  pilots, meetings and flight planning.  Access to the pilot’s lounge and flight planning is available 24 hours per day.  Presently the facility is the base for 89 aircraft, with 50 public and five corporate hangars, with an additional private hangar being built (completion date - mid-October). A repair/maintenance facility and two flight schools are housed at KPXE, with both aviation and jet fuel available 10 hours daily, and a self-serve avgas on site.

Present Terminal and Field

terminal bldg